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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Anda para pengguna Android harus mencoba aplikasi yang keren ini Maverick Pro v2.4.2. Aplikasi ini dalah sebuah program yang dirancang untuk menjadi sebuah peta Offline dan GPS tanpa memerlukan koneksi interet. Hebat bukan? Ya benar, dengan menggunakan Maverick Pro v2.4.2 ini, anda dapat membuat tracking untuk keperluan hiking, jalan-jalan, atau pergi keluar kota tanpa harus terkoneksi dengan internet. Peta yang terdapat di dalam aplikasi ini sudah dirancang secara otomatis untuk penggunaan Offline. Jadi tunggu apalagi, segera coba aplikasi unik untuk Hp Android anda.

Berikut Screenshootnya :

Main Features Maverick Pro v2.4.2 :
* Google, Bing, OSM and many other maps
All maps automatically cached for offline use. Use Mobile Atlas Creator to download maps or MAPC2MAPC to convert maps from other formats.

* Share your current or planned position
You can send address, GPS coordinates, link to Google Maps and even map image.

* Navigate easily
Build-in radar shows the direction, distance and estimated time to a point of interest. See all the nearest locations from FourSquare and Footprints.

* Save places you visit
All waypoint stored in KML file and can be viewed and edited in Google Earth.

* Record tracks with single tap
Tracks are recorded in GPX format and can be viewed in Google Earth and other software. Share GPX files via email or DropBox.

* Upload tracks to GPSies
Free account is required for uploading.

* Trip Computer
Watch speed, altitude, pitch and many other values.

* Tablet-ready
Basic support for Honeycomb devices.

What's New in Maverick Pro v2.4.2 :
• Address/places search.
• Using new Fused Location Provider.
• Support for tracks formats:
• GPX (routes)
• PLT (OziExplorer)
• KML (Google Earth)
• NMEA (Canon 6D, S100, etc)
• Pebble support.
• Segments in tracks.
• Better multi-touch.
• Google Street View.
• NearMap Australia (paid service).
• Use external SD card option in Settings.
• Improved UI.

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